PerformanceTotal Service

wdio-performancetotal-service is a 3rd party package, for more information please see GitHub | npm chart

With this plugin for you can easily add performance analysis to any flow in your tests.


The easiest way to install this module as a (dev-)dependency is by using the following command:
npm install wdio-performancetotal-service --save


npm install wdio-performancetotal-service --save-dev


Add wdio-performancetotal-service to your wdio.conf.js:

exports.config = {
// ...
services: ['performancetotal']
// ...

...or with the service options:

exports.config = {
// ...
services: [
// The options (with default values)
disableAppendToExistingFile: false,
performanceResultsFileName: "performance-results",
dropResultsFromFailedTest: false
// ...



When set to true, new test runs or tests from another spec file will overwrite any existing performance data. When set to false (default), performance data will be added to the existing data.


You can set the default results file name (performance-results). A newly created results file normally overwrites the old file. If you want to keep old files, it is recommended to add a timestamp to the file name. For example:

performanceResultsFileName: `performance-results_${new Date().getTime()}`


Default is false. When the value is set to true, performance analysis from failed tests would be excluded.

Usage in test

Just import performancetotal where you need it, whether it be your test file or any other class:

import { performancetotal } from "wdio-performancetotal-service";
it("should test github startup performance", () => {
// ...

Getting the results

A new directory named performance-results is created in your project's root folder and when all the tests are completed two files are created inside it: performance-results.json and performance-results.csv. The analyzed data includes: average time, standard error of mean(sem), number of samples, min value, max value, earliest time and latest time.

Typescript support

Typescript is supported for this plugin.