WebdriverIO Open Office Hours

Contributing to a big Open Source project can be hard. Especially if the codebase is large and requires a lot of context to understand what certain changes do. Then there is the possibility that tools or infrastructure is being used that are unkown. Nevertheless the project depends on your contributions and help to identify bugs and fix them. How can we overcome this hurdle?

At last weeks OpenJS Foundation Collaborator Summit the WebdriverIO team announced to introduce Open Office Hours that allow everyone to schedule individual 1:1 pairing sessions with the WebdriverIO contributors. This allows you to get started contributing to WebdriverIO easily with the help of people that know the code base well. We only ask you to pick a task you would like to work on up-front so that the pairing partner can be prepared for the session to provide better guidance. This is a free opportunity for you to not only give back to the WebdriverIO community but also get to know the team behind the project.

Currently we offer 4 slots a week from: every Wednesday 10am - 12am (CEST / GMT+2) for our European friends as well as: 11am - 13am (PDT / GMT -7) for people living on the west side of this hemisphere. You can book an appointment at any time on:


All sessions will be held over Zoom or Google Hangouts but alternative platforms are possible, please let us know in the comment section. Also please note that this is not a way to get individual consulting for your own projects. The time is to be used to work on WebdriverIO related bugs or features. For support questions we still ask you to use our Gitter Support Channel.

We are looking forward to meet you all online and hope to find more collaborators helping us to push the project forward!